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Rob Meronek

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Devastating hurricane damage @rtclem house. What the hell, Skymall?? #yeti

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Rob Meronek
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lrgskate 1346628396
A travesty to say the least.
wade666 1346628592
@chillrobgee you don't treat sky mall merch like that
jordangarlandmi 1346628796
I look at this Sasquatch and the Anubis statue and dream every time.
dangosun 1346629105
@meronek epicness!!!
hellonwheels 1346630955
Time to get the life size one @jennaclements !
tonyhawk 1346632029
It has a cool Roman ruins vibe now.
skaterbraind 1346632636
@meronek @tonyhawk is right. Sort of a Future Primative thing going. Maybe dress it as a OG Planet of the Apes gorilla ffor Halloween.
jennaclements 1346637209
@hellonwheels we can't find a medi for the Yeti! Could not imagine booming home and seeing the head falling off of the life size one!
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