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Jeff Lenoce

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Jeff Lenoce
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joeyblazeeee 1349590102
I bought that board a few years back at the Hudson westside. One of my favorites for sure. @jefflenoce
riley__jackson 1351841374
Congrats man @jefflenoce
lmtlisa81 1354348059
Love It! @jefflenoce
gangstertarzan_swi 1369118983
Im tryin to stack clips onn 1 these dho..
gangstertarzan_swi 1369119185
I got that shake junt poster on my wall , you be motivation me Cuzzie I'm tryin to skate/smoke/chill wit you one of these days
jefflenoce 1369122919
@markygariffo_swi that's what's up! For sure let's chill sometime. I saw u and ur crew at wilshire awhile ago right?
gangstertarzan_swi 1369173395
Ahhhhhh yuuup!! That was us I'm tryin to chill and smoke up with y'all soon @jefflenoce
gangstertarzan_swi 1369173694
And Sk8 Fshoty
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