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Braemar Castle 1628.... Think it's time for Neily's bedtime ghost stories :0 Braemar Castle is still used as residence by the Farquharson family who have lived here since it was built. The ghost of Braemar is that of a young blonde woman who is said to be that of a newlywed bride who spent her wedding night there in the castle during the 19th century.It is said that the young woman took her life when she awoke on the morning after her wedding to find that her spouse was not in their chamber or anywhere else in the castle.She assumed that her new husband had been so dissatisfied with the marriage that he had abandoned her.So distraught was the young wife that she threw herself from the window of their bridal chamber.But her husband did not leave her,he had joined his friends in the early morning to hunt game.Not long afterwards he returned to find a great commotion in the courtyard of the castle and learned the awful truth.The poor woman's ghost is said to return to visit,or maybe warn,any honeymooning couple who stay at the castle...

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inanner 1346387651
Ahhhh, now I can sleep. thanx for the bedtime story. Great pic!
inanner 1346387658
crucarrie 1346389473
Poor little thing πŸ˜ͺ
pinkysdreamz247 1346450060
christimes 1346457893
Well! That's a very strange story? I think this new bride is a tad dramatic! Love the castle & the story😊
4winters 1346802383
@whitelight01 πŸ˜‚ I agree! Just tell your lady where your going...no big deal... hahaha!
neily39 1346802479
@4winters @whitelight01 
larissal1234 1350088463
Wow love the picture and ghost story!! Love anything haunted....thanks for sharing! :)
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