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From my first TWS interview 1998 !! Funnest 360flip ever with SAD and @dlakastan there and Soc filming!! Round 1 video! Friends make everyday better and I love skateboarding and all of u who support! Thanks

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Daewon Song
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dr_highfill 1348271032
Miss that spot and the Good Guys one.
brlylgldrl 1348963173
Simple As Death ... SAD
khamkeng 1350026901
This pic is my first step play sk8
duggy_doc 1354233791
I still have this mag n I still photo drew this shot in 7th grade n made it to states for CHS... Thx @daewon1song
babillions 1359337486
Damn I remember that bump
I love that shot. Homeboy charges you after you stick it. Epic.
slappin4strings 1363126398
Wow just reminds me of years back skating at torrance high and running into you all the time.
_danimal___ 1384573770
Wow, this photo took me back to my childhood.
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