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Sinister-looking little buggars, eh? #hotpeppers #organicgarden #wisconsingarden #scorpionpepper #hotdamn #redhotpepper #devil #red #redpepper #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #instagram #hot #crazy #idareyou

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jojogriggs 1354941669
#imisssummer #imissmygarden
freddyfig12 1375850137
Do you have any left over scorpion seeds @jojogriggs
jojogriggs 1375997669
@freddyfig12 sadly no. I tried to take in the plants and try them again this year but no flowers yet. Only leaves on a thick trunk. :)
freddyfig12 1376001714
Is there enough foliage on the plant for a cutting so I could root it? @jojogriggs
jojogriggs 1376019908
@freddyfig12 no. Are the seeds hard to find? The peppers taste really good. The plant was a gift last summer.
freddyfig12 1376022626
@jojogriggs pretty much, yea. The usps in my area always relate food seeds with cannabis seeds, and the package always gets either trashed or sent back.
jojogriggs 1376049511
@freddyfig12 woah! Where do you live?
freddyfig12 1376065694
Sadly, Newark, NJ. In the street that I live, recently everyone has been ordering cannabis seeds, one person got caught. Now everyone's package gets there package turned over to the place it came from. Is there any store on the east coast that sells scorpion peppers or so? @jojogriggs
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