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Bryan Herman

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@andrew333 @nuge666 where you at?

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Bryan Herman
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tatem_jonathan 1361940903
Ikk haha he is! Did u hear that there was a meeting today about that Michael price kid! Parents r mad that he's back in school
tatem_jonathan 1361941014
Lol @scleverly5
tatem_jonathan 1361941058
No he doesn't Jakes rippin him off
clev__ 1361941111
Wow thts gay. Oh well not my problem ig... @jjtatem
tatem_jonathan 1361941163
Haha ik lol sux to be him ha @scleverly5 tired as shit night!!
juniorsillva10 1371284880
Ouu yea
quenten.bradley 1377883645
To herman it would be much appreciated if u could tell me if those r hi or lo trucks thanks @bherman
quenten.bradley 1378257150
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