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Michelle D

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Nearly forgot and it finally stopped raining. @f1shf1ghter #forkintheroad #forkintheroad2 #fork #road #rain #street

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Michelle D
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f1shf1ghter 1345276241
Thanks @msmeowd although there's hardly been a flood of photos :)
msmeowd 1345277408
@f1shf1ghter Oh boo. Bunch of spoil sports. Maybe the weather?
f1shf1ghter 1345278352
We've at least got to get @kathrynpp onto. It was her idea :)
msmeowd 1345286227
@kathrynpp @f1shf1ghter It was pretty cold today. Look forward to the image tomorrow. 😊
msmeowd 1345286249
Cold n wet I meant!
kathryn_p_p 1345286360
Did I hear my name mentioned? @f1shf1ghter and @msmeowd lol. Too wet today β˜” Tomorrow, promise πŸ˜‰
kathryn_p_p 1345286446
Love this. 😍 Promise also to tag as many of my IG friends as possible lol
msmeowd 1345288508
@kathrynpp πŸ‘
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