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Mum's amazing handmade wedding quilt. Has been poorly stored and has some stains :( any ideas the best way to have it cleaned? #quilt #quilting #handmade #care #help #cleaning #sewing #wedding #nofilter

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sydneyrosedesigns 1345198569
@tuisted I have no idea! Possibly. There are a few dotted over the quilt - some dark brown some lighter yellowy brown. It's been in a box for about 30 years so who knows!
tuisted 1345198687
Yep those are rust stains... Unfortunately those will eventually eat through the fabric unless we try and fix them now.. Hang on five minutes while I do some research to see if we can fix it.
tuisted 1345198896
Ok one place is saying that salt and lemon juice is a non harsh potential solution to rust stains on a vintage quilt. Make a paste of freshly squeezed lemon juice and table salt. Then using a cotton swab (Q-tip) spread the mixture on the rust marks and then place the quilt in the sun to dry. Then wash the quilt as usual. Check the stained areas before you dry the quilt. If the rust is not gone, repeat the process. There rust immortal rust removal products on the market but they are more harsh and may damage the fabric.
tuisted 1345198943
"there are more"
sydneyrosedesigns 1345199038
@tuisted thanks so much. There are probably about 8 small stains in all on a full size quilt...
tuisted 1345199190
Yeah just smack them with that solution before they get worse. I found a beautiful vintage heirloom crocheted christening dress at the op shop once that had the most heartbreaking rust damage on it.. A huge hole... No way to repair.. It near broke my heart. I would not want your vintage quilt to go the same way.
alittlesweet 1345405892
Stains or no. It is beautiful.
sydneyrosedesigns 1345412430
@alittlesweet It really is, isn't it? I think she got it out because I told her my wedding might be next year!
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