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2 of his biggest crimes: 1) taking his music off YouTube--when this is clearly how an unaware generation can discover his genius. He will pay dearly for that when people shrug like "when doves what"? & not remastering his first 10 years of music. This ish is getting hard tryna match it to today's sound systems. #frustrated

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Questlove Gomez
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jefeto 1345284339
Yes, been selling out at smaller and smaller venues with the same folks that were there in 1984.
scott_lukas 1345306406
He told the guys on Peach N Black he already remastered most of his albums (drool), and then what happened? ...we all entered The Purple Zone...the place where Prince says he's gonna do something and...then does something else...;). Yeah, I'll still buy his next one...
0rlando 1345390834
I used to have the same dilemma. But when U've been to a few of those legendary Aftershows, U learn to say "Let it be!"
onlykidnice 1345428738
@questlove theverge.com turned this into an article
citizenkeith 1345484095
@questlove the last thing I want is Prince's amazing dynamic music from the 1980s to be compressed and squashed by excessive digital limiting. At least the new vinyl sounds great!
jake_br0 1345485041
Turn it up!
giantkiller56 1364578025
God. I did a drum cover for Alex Bugnon's version of "Most Beautiful Girl in the World" and it was removed. Prince is on some other stuff right now.
tsubetan 1408502396
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