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Ryan Clements

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My father really liked Red Rock Canyon, so we scattered some of his ashes there when he passed. I paid respects with @jennaclements when we were in Vegas last week. RIP Walter...

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Ryan Clements
keenone 1345079879
My condolences to u & ur family for your great loss. The place look amazing & a rightful place. Rest in paradise Mr Clements.
rtclem 1345080106
Thanks @keenone. He passed at end of 2010, but it's rad to be able to go back and visit one of his favorite places.
What a nice way to honor your pop.
alex_brillant 1345084349
He'd be proud!
lostfloridian 1345089764
Beautiful, @rtclem
paradoxgrip 1345096576
Blessing to your pop and having such a beautiful place to visit him at.
doomsayersclub 1345098149
@rtclem 🙏U RULE!!! RESPECT. Your dad obviously did a grand job of raising U😄
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