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At the doctor this morning to hopefully find out what is causing the hives. Still getting them today. #allergic

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Tiffany Bird
melissapher 1345036217
Oh no! Hives are the pits. Hope they go away soon. My sister-in-law had hives the first 4 weeks of her pregnancy, no explanation. Crazy right?
nicolettemcbride 1345037974
Dang. I hope you figure it out soon.
kkup 1345040975
So frustrating! My 3 yr old has broken out a few times lately and I now carry benedryl on my person:/
kidgiddy 1345042821
I have urticaria! It means I can gets hives for any reason - cold, hot, socks too tight, environment, anything! I was extra special hive"matic" when I was taking a thyroid med for more than 2 years! It was awful - I really feel for you!
simplymodernmom 1345053447
@kidgiddy my dr told me about urticaria! I feel for you! That's not fun at all. Do you take Rx to help w/ that? They did some blood work to check it out.
kidgiddy 1345056285
No I don't. I did the radioactive iodide treatment to kill my thyroid and now take the white synthroid tablets. I'm allergic to the colored ones that are an "off brand"! I now watch everything I eat and try to eat as much organic as I can - esp meats and dairy. I also use raw (local) honey which helps with my environmental allergies. I haven't taken Claritin in at least 2 years! I also took zyrtec when it first started - but it created an addiction for my system. So if I missed a couple of days I was off my rocker itchy and out of my mind. The pharm said it crosses over the brain and therefore creates more of a need for it (meaning addiction)! So I suffered through the itchy withdrawals and will never take it again!! Good luck! I hope they figure it out!
trentfam 1345086565
I hope its an easy fix. Hives are terrible. I'm sorry you're going through this.
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