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Happens to me regularly. My normal evening goes like this: I'm trying to do some homework, but (as always) I get bored and open Youtube and (as always) watch some of Tom's interviews but then I find some random fanvideo of Loki AND OMFG I ALMOST CRY AND THEN I WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS AND THEN I'M LITERALLY CRYING BECAUSE LOKI IS SO MISUNDERSTOOD etc etc etc. Finally, I end up watching Thor for the millionth time. I wonder what happens when The Avengers comes out. (WHEN I FINALLY HAVE IT I'M GONNA WATCH IT AT LEAST FIVE TIMES IN A ROW AND CRY BECAUSE MY BEAUTIFUL LOKI GETS HURT AGAIN.) #whoneedsalife #obviouslynotme #tomhiddleston #twhiddleston #hiddles #loki #lokisarmy #lokifeels OKAY I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE I'M GONNA WATCH THOR NOW

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_marleyjane_ 1344891266
This is me. Everyday.
@_marleyjane_ yep, every freaking day!
_marleyjane_ 1344892570
It's funny because I was just starting Thor when you posted this.
t_manes63 1344893794
I can't even. So many Loki feels. Getting Thor for my birthday, and I'm slightly scares that I'll somehow wear out the DVD.
@_marleyjane_ maybe we have telepathic connection because we are both in Loki's army!!😝 @thatrandomchick7 when I bought Thor on dvd I really freaked out, I'm watching it once in a week so..BE WARNED
@thatrandomchick7 oh and happy early birthday!πŸ˜ƒ
_marleyjane_ 1344897574
@liferuinerhiddleston you're probably right 😝 @thatrandomchick7 welcome to the club πŸ˜„
t_manes63 1344902436
@_marleyjane_ @liferuinerhiddleston Ehehe, glad to be here. And thanks. :]
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