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Tropical Pancakes cooked with pineapple and coconut

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Andy Milonakis
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trendywendy_ 1373467701
@goodcleanfun91 LOL, That literally made me laugh! xD have you ever been pancake slapped?
goodcleanfun91 1373468640
@trendywendy_ not recently...lol...I slap pancakes down my throat. Does that count?? Lololol...I want pancakes....and a rerun of the Andy Milonokis show. Wouldn't that be awesome??
trendywendy_ 1373469396
@goodcleanfun91 LOL, Not recently, ha ha you're silly lol. I slap my pancakes before I slap them down my throat. & no it doesn't count, ha ha because the pancake needs to meet the cheeks, lol. I want strawberries & nutella pancakes while watching The Andy Milonokis show! Ooooooh I'm good! Or is that what you meant? Lol Of course it would be awesome, it would even be more awesome if we were a part of the show! So class got canceled this morning I've never felt so alive before.
goodcleanfun91 1373470264
@trendywendy_ lmao like bitch I'm the consumer, you're the pancake lol!! I've never had nutella :X...that or be the writer's! Either or would be great!...really? How you gonna celebrate?...they cancelled Maury today....I've never felt so alive before....lololol
goodcleanfun91 1373470297
I hate to cut it short but i have work at 9 ill hit you up on IG again, kk? :)
trendywendy_ 1373471439
@goodcleanfun91 Well instead of using the term B**** (FYI, I don't curse, lol) but I don't mind if people do. Any who... Ha ha I'd say BETCH I'm the consumer now I will destroy you! Muahahahahahaha because I'm a food destroyer! Nom Nom Nom! Lol. Really?! You MUST try it! If not this world will come down to an end. :( I'm going to celebrate by working out or perhaps hang out with momma bear if she thinks I'm cool enough. Hahahahaha Maury! Lol yousss dumb in a positive way, lol. Oh goodness you are like Cinderella, lol. Okay sounds neato :) ha.
goodcleanfun91 1373471745
@trendywendy_ ahh now I feel like a dumb slut for cussing, it wasn't towards you just wanted to add a little emphasis haha but now I know not to use sailor talk :) Neato! Haha haven't heard that word since the cartoon "recess". Haha tty in a bit, see Yaaaa :)
trendywendy_ 1373472275
@goodcleanfun91 You used the term s*** ha ha! Don't call yourself that, lol. It's fine like I said, it's no biggie :P lol I don't want to make you feel like you can't say those words because of me, I shouldn't of said that lol. Aw I know! *sigh* I miss those old school cartoons, ha. Toodles! (:
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