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Best Frigggin concert ever! #vans #warped #tour featured the best rocknroll on this planet! #aa #bmth #mmp #ksw @_tolgaa_ we'll play there one day! ;)

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bensquirrels 1344790846
Lol. I was gunna go download fest. But missed by a bt
freyaekim 1344790897
Maybe i'll go see them in july too we could mosh together lmao @bensquirrels
bensquirrels 1344792653
Hehe. Ill probs be with jordan and his mates aswell. As they will be touring there new albulm
freyaekim 1344793142
Jordans band? Lol @bensquirrels
bensquirrels 1344793281
Ohhh no lol i meant aa are touring there new.albulm
freyaekim 1344793310
Oh haha yh theyre touring uk ;) back to homeland ;) @bensquirrels
jarneaktunmusic 1344850918
Oi I'll play guitar, I seem to always end up doing it over Skype xD @tolga
freyaekim 1344851017
@moreofthemusicmoreofthesound fair enough ;)
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