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I want this tattoo :o @phoebewhite23 #tattoo #BlackVeilBrides #BVB #amazing #nevergivein

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never_give_in567 1344661988
That's a really good place too c: When we can actually get it we will put more thought into the location c: @phoebewhite23 this is gonna be so cool. I'm so excited c:
fagatron_cat 1344662273
Lol. You have to wait though. xD @never_give_in567
never_give_in567 1344662350
I know I know xD I am just not a very patient person cx aha @phoebewhite23
fagatron_cat 1344662497
Ahaha. Neither am I! @never_give_in567
never_give_in567 1344662528
Gahh, just a few more years though! :D @phoebewhite23
fagatron_cat 1344662672
Only a little longer! :D it has to be my 18th birthday since you're older. I'll do it on my birthday just for you. ^.^ @never_give_in567
never_give_in567 1344662811
Awwh thanks c: It will be so amazing :DDD @phoebewhite23
fagatron_cat 1344663017
Ahah. Yes. <3 @never_give_in567
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