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#kaleidoscopist #sunrise #sun #morning #Singapore #sgig #igsg #instasg #sky #galaxys3 #singapura
kaleidoscopist 1344615383
@tripinc see see! Same same but different. We should take sunrise at a specific time no matter where we r. Like 715 am every morning or something. Lol
tripinc 1344616276
@kaleidoscopist yea we can try! There's a prob. The sun rises from the other direction which is not visible to me now. =(
kaleidoscopist 1344616530
@tripinc aiya.... I was thinking of a 1 month project715 or something
kaleidoscopist 1344616542
It'll be cool
tripinc 1344617202
@kaleidoscopist sounds good! Now it has changed its direction abit hard for me. Can't do a sunset too cos i have to work. Let me work out where and what time is the first light. Let you know soon.
kaleidoscopist 1344617308
@tripinc Okie! Should be fun!
tripinc 1344618091
@kaleidoscopist 👍👏👏👏
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