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Cali Grown
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caligrown_420 1344447613
@growtheplant that's the thing.I've never found these strains anywhere else so I've been winging it by trichs. I wish I knew. I estimated from the combo of strains. I'm guessing that the #purplecottoncandy will be done at 59 days roughly, and these #chemkush should be done at 63 days. Lol. But you know nature lol
growtheplant 1344447846
Well experimentation is the only way to know for sure. How many plants of each you got? I would start your flush 10 days before you think theyre done and then harvest only one depending on how the trichomes look then wait a couple days harvest another, wait a few more, harvest, etc. Some strains can put out a lot of resin if given an extra week so if you plan on growing this strain more, the only way to master it is to experiment. Same goes for all strains.
caligrown_420 1344448355
@growtheplant fuck ig act right!
caligrown_420 1344448465
@growtheplant 2 chem Kush 1 purple cotton candy 9 clones from this chem Kush
caligrown_420 1344448489
Last grow 11 weeks was better than 9 for the purple cotton candy
growtheplant 1344448526
Ahh. Didn't take clones from the purple cotton candy?
caligrown_420 1344448712
@growtheplant no. It wasn't big enough. And hadn't sexed yet. Lol. This one sexed early so at least I know the clones are for Sures females :-)
caligrown_420 1344448750
But I got a bunch of seeds of both. So I can experiment with these strains a good amount before I use my really good strain seeds
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