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Second long exposure line art message with #genggua (#genggua_iftar). We do in the all together to write some message on photo. This is how the behind of sene. This is the second time. Numbers of people are increased, operation became complicated but we all do. Such a fun and achievement. I wanna join next time !

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nanatea 1344229662
@dochimichi thanks ! That is so fun and great !
apooon 1344231745
@nanatea ねっ!🌹💎凄くきれいだし😘元気だよ。ありがとう👌
patriciaferraz 1344252631
nanatea 1344257363
@patriciaferraz thanks ! They are really warm and kind people and very active Igers ! 😊😍
nanatea 1344257395
@apooon うん。 毎回一つのものを作る実感があっていい!
apooon 1344259487
@nanatea 🎶🎶🎶そうだろーねぇ💘💘✨✨✨
spacepelota 1344644700
Wow What a nice creativity , i love I want to do it!!!
nanatea 1344668535
@spacepelota haha if you come to Singapore please drop me a line ! Maybe you can organize a group in Spain !?
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