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Great mail day! Babylegs, #applecheeks & house of Carter's! ❤❤❤

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sixtimemommy 1344014744
@suppptayyy so cute!!
sixtimemommy 1344014766
@mlstandring that's how I choose hahaha :) what goes with my ACs!
sixtimemommy 1344014815
@mlstandring minus the pinks for my girls :)
mlstandring 1344015218
@fivetimemommy I just ordered some baby legs. So excited ! Today would have been a perfect day for them. Warm but foggy. Oh well.
sixtimemommy 1344019038
@mlstandring we can't order from Canada :( so I got lucky and search online for NIP Babylegs and get them so cheap - although their sale right now is pretty awesome!
mlstandring 1344019953
@fivetimemommy we live close to the border so I ship them there and pick up once they arrive. If you need anything like that pm me and we can get it arranged.
sixtimemommy 1344020230
#babylegs #houseofcarters
sixtimemommy 1344024690
@mlstandring oh that would be amazing! I will be refreshing my PP after our vacay (11-16) and I know that sale will probably be over but my kids all love BL so I will for sure pm you when I am ready! Thank you!
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