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Part 91: I'm assuming he hit the table. "Kylie I know your listening and I'm so sorry for what I put you through and I wouldn't be surprise if you never talked to me again but I'm going to explain. The only reason I lied was because of her dad. He has a lot of money and offered to sponsor the audition. The catch was I had to pretend and date his daughter. I refused because I wanted to be with you but the management wouldn't let me out of it. One minute I'm having the best time of my life with you. The next Silver shoving her tongue down my throat and the picture was taken and then the interview. When I found out how badly I hurt you i wanted to stop but the management made me go on a date with her and I know no apology will ever be good enough." Niall said. I hadn't realize I was crying until a tear hit my hand. "Niall were are you going?" The host asked. "I have to win back my princess before it is to late," Niall shouted. "Well there you have it folks we know that Niall has finally found his princess," the host said. "Ugh Niall wait were not over until I say so," I herd Silvers voice fading. "We finally got Niall back," Liam said. Uncle Sam turned the radio off. "Silver only spoke the truth Mr. T," Morgan said. Tristin got up but I grabbed he arm. "Let it go she is not worth it," I said. Tristin sat back down in her seat. If steam would come out of people's head then Tristin would have a huge cloud of steam around her. #perfectseams1d #onedirection #niallhoran @1d_stories_1d @chivas1029 @kkkkkenzielynn14 @dana_9811 @patilla1009 @sqishums @puppyluv99 @yogi122 @tocooltobehuman @one_direction_fanfics23 @_one_direction_is_amazayn @maddymcgooluvsu @niall_atemyusername @karlee_aye @amandapanda1234567 @lov3mma @daniellehedwigeffiemara @faith_horan_ @what_if_codysimpson @taylorrox221 @madicox_8 @kelseyrocks54321 @katherinewluv1d

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abigail.vo 1344012972
Aww Niall found his princess
laniesaroli 1344013885
maddymcgooluvsu 1344031365
Yay goo Harry and Niall!! Team Kylie!! 😄
Sure :) @flickingwithliam
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