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King James

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"That's Beast Mode" #PrettyFlacko

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King James
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jame5ie 1343676727
@diamond_dimple thanks lol always an awkward compliment that I can't get used to taking haha
yvonnecolon 1345519830
jame5ie 1345520709
just now seeing your comment @txokbabe511 ouch even if it's three weeks old lol
jame5ie 1345520882
@yvonnecolon yeah they were burning all day I think my pup set me up lol
yvonnecolon 1345521523
Pink eye???
jame5ie 1345521850
@yvonnecolon nahh I think it was the shampoo or something bc it only lasted that day thank goodness 🙏
bulkingbonnie 1345522552
Lol let's be real....u farted on your pillow in your sleep. Happens to the best of us.
jame5ie 1345562077
@txokbabe511 there's only one way to get pink eye...the "knocked up" way lol
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