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Photo from scenicroadtrip

The haunting grounds of the Norwich State Hospital

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scenicroadtrip 1351400289
I was too chicken to even make an attempt to investigate any further than from the road hehe @kortneyerin
kortneyerin 1351439393
@scenicroadtrip I'm not sure what's going in with your comments? IG is acting strange right now. Again, I seen your comment in my news feed, but when I come to comment back it's not there!
scenicroadtrip 1351447400
@kortneyerin the same thing is happening to me!! I've checked on twitter to see if anyone else is having similar issues and there are a few others complaining about it...but not many!! I hope they fix it!! I don't know how to communicate the issue with IG....they've become so non-user friendly ever since Zuckerberg took over. There are comments people have made on my photos that I have no way of seeing anymore, because the feed is so short too. I'm not a happy camper right now! @kortneyerin
kortneyerin 1351460161
Yup! It seems to still be happening. I guess we can only see our own comments on the pics and have to check the feeds to see the responses. #getittogetherinstagram
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