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miss james

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birdie made a little friend named bones at the park today. he gave her a water balloon and tried to catch her coming down the slide. baby love.

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miss james
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tessahud 1343527019
iheartlinus 1343527934
Her little leggings just kill me!
kerigiordano 1343529192
Best baby style ever!
ghandarh 1343530007
ูŠุงูŠ ู„ุทูŠู ๐Ÿ˜š
ashleyhennefer 1343530855
Birdie reminds me of Cherokee Bat from the Weetzie Bat books.
_danaalnajjar 1343532666
She's adorable !!!!!! Can I have a shout out??? my dream (in instagram) Is to have many follower like you..:D
daniohh 1343573172
@ashleyhennefer She does remind me of Cherokee bat!!
freeluck 1344538711
Birdie & Bones. How sweet.
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