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Skatepark of Tampa

Photo from spottampa

Original gangster - @djope1

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Skatepark of Tampa
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bobby_blackout 1343322305
I skated the oG pusheads #skateshit
stormklouds 1343322321
Telling me to google Supremes, yr funny lol @dime420dunk
stormklouds 1343322348
The only time those were ever cool was the ad of p rod hitting a handrail in them.
stormklouds 1343322812
I guess so. I don't enjoy how kids act about it now. I buy the shoes I like regardless of hype, and that's why I love @spottampa because they sell at retail regardless what the lame backstory is. Much love for SPoT, dunks and skateboarding haha. @dime420dunk Also taking SBS out of the tongues is really not sitting well with me. Will any of the shoes keep it? I won't buy SB without SB on the tongue.
bobby_blackout 1343323082
@dime420dunk that's what's up!!
chocolate_gears 1343326778
@karmaverick @dime420dunk I was always under the impression that "grail" is an individual's most highly sought after shoe. It's different for everyone. @dime420dunk you sound like you you read that out of the hype beast bible chapter 1 : sneakers everyone needs or they're not a true head. 😂
stormklouds 1343327405
@chocolate_gears exactly where I'm coming from.
sketchymagic 1343344579
People who buy dunks love #sketchymagic
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