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John Cardiel

Photo from _breakfree_

Sean Gutirrez! Gettin Some!!!!!!!

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John Cardiel
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shaggy_miranda 1348804770
I'm pretty sure I saw it on the thrasher website @feebletown type his name in the search box I'm sure something will pop up.
feebletown 1348805234
Cool thanks @shaggy_miranda
shaggy_miranda 1348806695
Noprob @feebletown
shreddie 1354217861
That spot is insane. Was that bowl next to it made to skate?
_tatunka 1355195495
God damn gnarly
jonnywarpspeed 1357492649
The gut!
skatan_steve 1387058758
So fucked
tits_n_taters 1426005226
The gut doesn't play I saw him at Potrero at like 8 in the morning and he ate SHIT on a blunt to fakie in the bowl and got so heated and did it again but fuckin smacked his wheels on the tranny coming back in I was like alright he fucking wanted that shit!! 🔥🔥
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