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Joy 🌻

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24- phone. Blue iPhone to be exact❤

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Joy 🌻
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peytonmcilvoy23 1343175395
Whaaaaaaat, how did you get a blue iphone?? # swag
peytonmcilvoy23 1343175409
** #swag
joy_lyon 1343183805
Lol. @kakisimmons 23rd what?
joy_lyon 1343183827
@peytonmcilvoy my brother got it for me for Christmas. It's magic. Hahaha jk👍
kakisimmons 1343183842
Oh hahaha i thought you were saying that was your 24th phone........awkward..
peytonmcilvoy23 1343184052
@joy_joy14 nicceeee
joy_lyon 1343260279
@kakisimmons lol no. It's my photo a day thing.
joy_lyon 1343260292
@peytonmcilvoy yep!👍
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