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camdan06 1382640217
Your the best skater ever
jocelyn_smells 1389472417
Happy birthday :)
ayogurtbrand 1396387638
Is that nick swardson? Lol
guerrer0 1397086391
veggie661 1399182911
Still got that beard @pjladd ?
izzyram3407 1405751504
Patrick, your my favorite skater! I watch your videos every morning before I skate. You've inspired me so much! I try my hardest to land every single trick on flat! I've learned tricks that nobody has ever done here! Or even thought it was possible for someone like me. My goal is to play one game with you. Just one. I don't care if I lose, it's not everyday you hear "I played a game against PJ LADD" . God bless you , skate hard out there Pj. Just know that in this town, you've got a fan. I'm that fan. No matter how many times these other skaters keep putting me down and saying you suck. Screw them. Your my inspiration to keep going and hopefully play you one day! Get ready dude. I'm determined to make it happen!
rqa6 1417597614
@pjladd aye dude parts dont make great skaters, hands down you fucking rip and you dont need a video part to show that. Fuck all these negative ass comments people leave you. You're a true skater at heart and thats all that matters. Much respect to you... Stay up G.
zac_pearce11 1422232067
Got ur board today
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