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Ryan Clements

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Quarter-pipe construction...day three. We're getting there...

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Ryan Clements
natetano 1342482507
Are u doing it yourself with some homies or did u bring out some hired guns? #sosick
rtclem 1342485170
Hey @natetano, I've got some friends from Team Pain on the job.
natetano 1342485594
Awesome my friend. I'm stoked to do something similar in the future. God bless u my friend and thank you for all that u do for skateboarding. Hopefully cya soon. @rtclem
paradoxgrip 1342485833
Comin along nicely
marketinggoon 1342487311
I'm goons do something like that at my house now - @patlanta when you coming to SD next, need some tips
coming_up_short 1342488356
I'm coming through on Friday. Better be ready in tim for a Texas shred session!
phill_oliveira 1343149676
@rtclem can i skate there when get it done?? This week i Will be in tampa for a few days, skating the park
rtclem 1343151450
Hey @phillsk8, it's not done yet!
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