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Sochivith Ou

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The Ghost Walk 👻 #mp39

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Sochivith Ou
yara_reigns 1342413211
What is this event ??
fullychiefy 1342420799
@xo_ykr it's called The MP3 experiment 9 it happens every year on July 15th... It's always different every year
yara_reigns 1342441458
What's the experiment though ? Lol like what happens here
fullychiefy 1342441738
@xo_ykr the company Improv everywhere (same ppl who set up the no pants subway rides) every year around this time provide ppl info to head to certain location n told to bring various items n listen to an mp3 they send n ppl just listen n react
fullychiefy 1342441911
@xo_ykr we were told to bring white bed sheets, water guns, small instruments n head to governors island by 3.... It was crazy ended up actin like ghost n have a huge water fight... It was def a experience Mad fun
yara_reigns 1342441931
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