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God is rockin the sky tonight... #nofilter

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Morgan MacGavin
sarastacy 1341969736
Yes He is over there. I was right around the corner!
morgsmsquared 1341970312
@sarastacy so this might sound completely cheesy...but sunsets are something I look forward to in Heaven...I just want to watch God make them.
sarastacy 1341974535
No sunsets "in heaven" since it will always be lit by the Light. No night, hence no sunsets. I think that's why I cherish then as much as I do now.
morgsmsquared 1341974690
@sarastacy aaaah wow yeah I didn't think of it that way. It's gonna be awesome!
lizlaptop 1342008981
I bet God can figure out some way to blown your mind with his beauty; ) I wouldn't be surprised if he made sunsets in heaven happen just for you!
morgsmsquared 1342013832
@lizlaptop aw! :) I have no doubt the whole shebang is going to blow all our minds! I just want to watch Him create the ones we see on earth.
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