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Justin Brock

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Say hello to jasper Brody brock! 20 inches long and 8.4 lbs! #jasper

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Justin Brock
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piercykid 1342111949
So psyched for you both congrats!!! Hope to see him next time I'm at home
dpensyl 1342113019
Congrats brother, so stoked for you guys.
brockoley 1342113071
Thanks @dpensyl we will have to get a play date together!!
ibanezbailey 1342275977
Wow wow!!!! This is awesome!! So happy for you both!!! What a cool little dude!!!! Xxxx
brujablanca 1342545312
I'm so happy for you guys!!! What a handsome fella!! Xoxoxox❤💙💚💐
johnny_tang 1342737747
@brockoley 20 inches!!!??? That's why you left it out.
brody_brown2 1398302839
That's a good middle name
vicenturi75 1399574025
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