Photo from edselego

#spotcheck somebody has to get on this thing.. Cant really see from this but the bumb is pretty good. #skateye @nesserfamilia , @ian_oconnor is in town! Just sayin....

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edselego 1341680659
@bradcromer come represent on this thing near the new shop in Sunny Isles.
bradcromer 1341680925
just left town, but for sure in the future. hope you and the mia fam is all doing great.
matt_roy 1341681277
@fuensta let's go hit this
peeweekirks 1341681480
Bump to bar to grinder #sick #gnar looks like a head selegs spot to me
franklinmakeout 1341683995
I use to skate this way before MIA and the skatepark popped up, not the rail but this bank. it's fun I always thought somebody could hit that rail up.
cicerodabreadwinner 1341705866
Let's take a trip down south, you got this! @selegosaurus
selegosaurus 1341766650
@cicerodabreadwinner. Maybe we can stop by on the way to the keys and get broke off.
foreaga 1344978737
Where @edselego
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