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miss james

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she just had to wear her wellies today.

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miss james
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penr0se 1341659580
Mama, is Birdie 2 yet?
bleubird 1341754185
@penr0se no, not until august 20.
solucoesemespaco 1341887837
So cute!!!!
@bleubird wow!
goodnessgathering 1342455056
I'm "like" 5,000 - what a great picture!
celinabeana 1342995901
As! My daughters birthday is aug 20th! She'll be one. It really goes by way too quickly.
notgiannapuco 1343513308
omg! she has the same birthday as me!!
bitbybritt 1356207636
I just love your photos. I've always imagined having a family but never knew if I would be any good at it. You make me feel like I could do it 😊 I'm definitely a big fan, love flicking through your feed! Happy holidays.
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