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Now Watch Me Work
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kalena_paparazza 1341519141
I also skip the first row......is that bad? I also skip most fruit, sugar is the devil.......I'm I a lost cause?
estailo 1341519349
@turquoiseloveboat detta får du äta ;)
briannalyse_ 1341519683
@kalenacf fruit is Jesus. Never skip fruit
sweetlittlepotato 1341519687
@kalenacf fruit is natures candy, enjoy it, it's great for you...do some research girlll
laurenlouisa 1341525782
From what I've read over the years (I am no expert tho)... Eat fruit 1-2 times a day, research low sugar fruits, but i know that berries are low in sugar and very good for you! As for the 1st row, stick to wholegrains and gluten free if you can, a lil brown rice is wonderful and if you must have bread, eat sourdough/rye 😄
laurenlouisa 1341525824
But yum that spread looks glorious! Keep out those nasty processes foods!!!
emeraldmeiay 1341531396
So good!
icem8n 1342452351
@mcbarao heyaaaa was just wondering, the cheezy bree cheese, hasn't that got fat in it so its bad?
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