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!Ryan Bustin!

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Kids playing with smoke bombs before the fireworks.

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!Ryan Bustin!
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markshowalter 1341849600
Sorry but I got to ask. Are you using the app called Color Splash to give this effect?
1bustins4 1341849713
@markshowalter yes my friend. Its an amazing app.
markshowalter 1341851746
Thank you. I've been using one called Color Effects and I'm not real happy with it because you have to zoom the pic way in and then slowly recolor it with a pencil while hoping you stay in the lines the best you can. Is this similar that?
1bustins4 1341852359
@markshowalter very easy to use. I have never been frustrated by it at all and no need to use a pencil. All I use is my finger.
markshowalter 1341853002
Awesome. Thanks my friend.
sunflowerof21 1342643110
Great splash!
1bustins4 1342643149
@sunflowerof21_ud thanks!
1bustins4 1344370964
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