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Chris's car is F*ckin slammed!! Daily driven in the NW. #dailydriver #dd #slammed #lowlife #nwlowlife #stay_static #realmotors #carswithoutlimits #carporn #carswag #swag #flossy #fitted #ballin #beauty #iger #photo #photoedit #volk #te37 @gsrfilthhatch @stay_static @realmotors @carswithoutlimits @canibeat_crew

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ichasebass 1341210686
Meh, take the over sized lip off and he's not THAT slammed. ;)
below__average 1341244354
@chasepz even without the lip you can't even fit your foot under his side skirts. Bet it's lower than yours. The lip looks bigger than it is. It goes half way up the bumper
ichasebass 1341252197
Lol regardless.. its still a basic ass civic. Even if it is lower than my car, it earns no respect. ;) sorry.. just my opinion.
below__average 1341253245
@chasepz okay cause you can see the motor in it? And you can tell that those are real TE's worth more than your car, or the real brides with real harness's? I'm a euro guy and I can still appreciate a clean Honda, so stop being a tool cause your jelly cus his car is way more legit than you can afford and wanna hate ;) so be less of a tool and be a little more open minded ;)
ichasebass 1341259695
Meh, I'm one of the most open minded people I know. And yes I'm hating. I mean.
ichasebass 1341259746
Its legit I guess.. its just nothing special. I see these every day. Hondas aare economy cars. Not to mention fwd. Every.one has their own preference
ichasebass 1341259762
Ill stop the hating. Nice Honda sir
below__average 1341932887
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