Photo from thebrobrosleeps

These feet have put in work son! #teamleyva #hiking #Azusacanyon @morena0887

lizzzy_bear 1341077874
I'm jelly.
smartin562 1341079426
I just got done hiking at hitlers bunker n LA
morena0887 1341081985
@lovelizzybear that shit was hard cuz!!! I wanted to give up like 3X but the top is so beautiful
thebrobrosleeps 1341094080
@lovelizzybear don't be because that damn trail kicked out behinds!
thebrobrosleeps 1341094119
@smartin562 where is that? And is it hat because I saw them stairs and i don't think I could hang!
smartin562 1341095836
Yeah the stairs are no joke it seems endless, but it totally doable, we should plan a trip up there round up the crew
lizzzy_bear 1341096097
@isleeps those are the best.
thebrobrosleeps 1341104710
@smartin562 let's do it bro...just let me know when
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