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When Lula arrives in the mail, our hearts go aflutter. Did you know you can buy your own copy at ModCloth?

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eloquent_stones 1340924038
@tulip0484 I was going to say basically the same thing. It's a fabulous dog name so naturally it must be a good title for a good magazine.
modcloth 1340924479
@darlingnorma It's called Picfx! It comes with tons of bokeh options!
dottidee 1340924920
I want a lula issue so badly!
lyndseykara 1340927990
What is lula?
modcloth 1340928906
@lyndseykara Lula is one of our favorite fashion magazines! We just wrote a post on our blog featuring an editorial from the latest issue at blog.modcloth.com!
daniliz 1340939562
My favorite!!!!
lavendascloset 1340954380
I want!
squeeks3913 1341964669
That's my dogs name ^_^
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