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B's await their turn #nhldraft

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Boston Bruins
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jawshnoshirt 1340415738
@jlatak Ryan is already under contract, he'd be a trade. And @americasvogt a trade for Nash makes no sense for this organization. The reports are that it will take Seguin or Hamilton to land Nash, if not both. And Nash makes $7 mill, that goes against everything the bruins have built their success on
legestrom 1340416649
I love how the table is littered with candy, these guys are like little kids on draft day.. Like me!!
marina617 1340416672
@j9mac31 finally I found someone who agrees with me in Nash! Too expensive, and what I'd turns out to be a dud? Makes you wonder why The Blue Jackets are trying to dump him!
jawshnoshirt 1340416774
@marina617 well the Blue Jackets are dumping him because they suck lol he'd be a good addition if he didn't make $7 mill and if he didn't cost us Seguin or Hamilton
jawshnoshirt 1340418798
@trimaculatum I didn't see anything about Lucic too, but that's prob why he is still a blue jacket lol they are demanding wayyyyyyy too much
cam_95 1340430236
^^^very true
gonepostal911 1340432355
Fuck rick nash he hasnt proven shit he hasnt played a playoff game and injury prone
marina617 1340452174
@j9mac31 in that case ok but he cost and will cost to much and as @scottie_f911 says he had yet to prove anything when it counts. Let some other team with more cap space and less talent have him. Boston had plenty of talent , and hardly any cap space
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