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Ryan Clements

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Where do you take a picture of a vintage Levi's jacket? At their HQ of course. Serious corpo SPoT/Levi's meeting just went down.

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Ryan Clements
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Overalls. The next step after the flood
rtclem 1340388410
Hey @shrewgy, I should have clarified...Levi's NYC HQ.
shrewgy 1340388636
No worries, nobody moves, nobody gets hurt... levis real san francisco shit.
dangosun 1340388653
@rtclem what about LEE'S?!!!
paulflores86 1340390760
@rtclem America fuck yeah.. Jacket fresh brother..
iankorenek 1340395490
Bring back the overall shorts !
mrshittooth 1340397654
So hyped on this addition
coreyduffel 1341586238
That's amazing.
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