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#Kanellos ~ Toronto

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Cape Breton - pilot whales 1: after 40 min on the boat we spotted a pod of pilot whales. Was the first time I had seen whales in the wild and it was an incredible experience. -again had to up the iso and shutter speed to accommodate the boat movement. #Kanellos #ecroadtrip2011

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#Kanellos ~ Toronto
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#bestoftheday #photooftheday #instadaily #Teg #Imageoftheday #jj #igerscanada #igcanada #igtoronto #igerstoronto #statigram #cabottrail #capebreton #novascotia #canada #whales #pilotwhales
orientalprincess 1315836285
Wow amazing thank you for sharing
ratieh 1315839761
Wow 
k_george 1315842163
It was worth it!
candidcameraman 1315842784
An awesome sight ! You can use the free app SquareReady to get rid of the black borders when using a non square image 
kanellos 1316089887
@orientalprincess @gemma_ @k_george Thanks all. It was a great experience to be around wild whales.
kanellos 1316089920
@candidcameraman Thanks, appreciate the tip but honestly i dont have the time to really format images. I could do it in CS5 but its not a big deal for me.
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