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Happy fathers day to all the dads, soon to be dads,doggy dads, big daddy Kane, an Mac daddy's have a good 1 !!! Remember this day @seutrinh when u shot this? Got my Sunday church shirt on haha and the obstacle showed me who daddy was!! #brokemeoff!

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Daewon Song
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daewon1song 1341851005
Hahaha @mikebrock121 thanks
noeess 1342419860
Damn so sick!! @daewon1song
alecpare 1342980287
@daewon1song the best there is, the best therr
alecpare 1342980327
*there was, and the best there ever will be
eh_yo_breezy 1343376380
What app was this?
maestasmike 1350701798
@daewon1song , your footwork combined with the Photography work is off the Charts! I dream of my work looking anyway , shape , or form. Honored you enjoy my Pic's . Made my day to see you feeling my Work. Thx U so Much Daewon, Truly Inspired!
daewon1song 1350705692
@maestasmike thanks brotha and much respect to you and all u do !!!
maestasmike 1350706344
Ask socrates , Ima try to reach out to him, I think you would be interested in the Movement.#AmericanSkateBoardLeague. Ask him next week. Thx U in advance.
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