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Jorge Angel

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@meronek welcome to the Harley Club. You beat me too it.

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Jorge Angel
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meronek 1339816519
Almost 100 miles in the first day. Could not be any better, except my left hand is about to fall off. Fingers are used as fuck from that clutch, ha. Thanks for the photo, Jorge!
justinsworld 1339818185
Yeah rob!
hollyryan78 1339818259
Yay! We're gonna have a skater bike gang soon! Haha
zachohara 1339829998
I'm next! l will hopefully have one soon.
childhobbs 1339830492
@zachohara you won't buy mine!
britmeronek 1339840433
Haha I leave him home alone for not even 24 hours ... Jorge, get that boy a sissy bar!
jpgarciask8er 1339938100
wit_e 1341517619
I cant wait to be back on a bike
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