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Yesterday was the 8 year anniversary of my mom's death. I spent the day with my boys and I also went through old pictures. I thought today I'd share some of my favorite #flashbackfriday shots. This one is my mom and I at a small zoo with an Emu. I loved emus and ostriches way back when! #ostrichstalker

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birdandcleaver 1339767534
Thanks for sharing your mama :)
caygraylomomma 1339768363
Beautiful shot. I hear you on emus and ostriches. There is something so beautiful about them that many miss and wrote off.
mad.but.magic 1339770985
Thinking of you. <3
murphythemusical 1339776812
Such a sweet photo full of love and joy. Thanks for sharing, Sunday. Eight years must sometimes feel like yesterday. Thinking of you!
philpush 1339782481
@xtremeparnthood my dads 15 th anniversary on the 13th . Thinking of you x
sundaystilwell 1339790587
@philpush Thank you Pip. Some days it seems like just yesterday and others it seems like decades ago
philpush 1339791346
@xtremeparnthood I know exactly where your coming from Sunday . 😍
mamaamo 1382278417
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