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CJ Rousseau

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four greatest lifeguards ever right here! @maris_orr @belt1994 @samtate

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CJ Rousseau
cj_rousseau 1339639325
hey i deleted it! everyone can be happy now!:) @itsjustabby
itsjustabby 1339639545
I wasn't that mad. It was actually okay. But what else do you say when someone posted a picture of you sleeping? I'm sorry. You're right. Us women are a horrendously confusing bunch. Joke anger doesn't come across well via social networking.
cj_rousseau 1339639666
well i couldnt tell whether it actually bothered you or not, so i just went ahead and deleted it, and nonits fine! you dont have to apologize. @itsjustabby
itsjustabby 1339639882
But I do, because I feel badly.
cj_rousseau 1339640927
its fine! i promise! @itsjustabby
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cj_rousseau 1343763598
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