Photo from jessefritsch

All I want right now is for this guy to get better

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jessefritsch 1339562500
@plgsk8 we don't know yet. He can't move his legs. Have run every test, but nothing found so far
funkyfreshness 1339567965
He looks just like my Boy #turbo , my boxer is 4
norrad 1339569260
awwwwwww man, that blows........... I'm so sorry Jesse.
johnlloydtaylor 1339570915
Sad man. Positive thoughts his way.
jfhenry 1339592136
That sucks man. Hope he gets well soon.
greenissue 1339603537
Ahh man, get better little dude.
debbieboots 1339641779
All kinds of positivity from this way!!!! @rtbftr78 ANYTHING we can do let us know!!! I REALLY want to see him at the pool!!!!!!!
zokrebs 1344550319
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