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deathboxdestroyer 1432328412
@man_lyke_maciej every zone is a skate zone theres no such thing as “zones free of skating"
maciek.sobera 1432328520
@deathboxdestroyer some places ban skating so skaters don't "destroy" government property
deathboxdestroyer 1432328741
@man_lyke_maciej every property has been skated. People can't ban anything, especially if they don't inderstand the lifestyle
maciek.sobera 1432328944
People can ban skating in spots like my street banned skating @deathboxdestroyer
deathboxdestroyer 1432329016
@man_lyke_maciej if you're letting that stop you from skating then you've banned skateboarding from your life bro
maciek.sobera 1432329057
I don't even skate on my street but other people did I only skate in skateparks @deathboxdestroyer
deathboxdestroyer 1432329231
@man_lyke_maciej skate everything bro. Flatground, bowls, curbs, hills, pools, ledges, rails, stairs, pole jams, parking blocks, EVERYTHING!!! The world is your skatepark
maciek.sobera 1432329417
Thx bro @deathboxdestroyer
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