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I walk up the last stairs to the flat. I get my keys and I'm just about to open the door when I stop. Something isn't right. There's something that's not like it should. I look around. Nothing's different as it seems. The lights are buzzing and one are blinking, like always. The doors and the stairs surely haven't moved, but I still can't shake the feeling off of me. I decide to leave it and put my key in the lock and turn it, slowly opening the door. The flat is lighted up. I feel my heart beating faster. I know that I left the flat in darkness when I left. "Hello? Cathleen?" I call out. I hear someone moving in the kitchen, but no one answers. I start to panic. Is it a killer? Or a kidnapper? I swallow hard and walk quietly toward the kitchen. The movement have stopped. "Hello?" I say again, still no answer. My heart is almost jumping out off of my chest. I can feel every heartbeat. I reach the kitchen. Terrified, I pray silently with my eyes closed. I then open them again and take a deep breath before walking in. My jaw drops as I see the room. The lights are low and warm. The kitchen table have turned into a restaurant table with a red table cloth, beautiful, old plates and glasses and some lit candles. It's beautiful. On the table there's also dinner served. Grilled chicken, rise and curry sauce, my favourite food. I smile a little, but then I get suspicious. Who have done this? And why? Cathleen won't be home until midnight. I have a feeling of who it can be. But no, not a chance. That would be crazy. I suddenly hear someone clearing one's throat. I freeze.

littlenouis Instagram profile picture
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Mooorrreee please!!!:)))
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Awwww so cute!! Write
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Such a gentlemen :3
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