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With Statigram community growing like crazy, our old support platform has become messy and not very helpful anymore (same questions asked over and over again, generating a lot of duplicated content). So we are now moving to https://statigram.desk.com/ where we'll be making know-hows and troubleshooting solutions easier to find. And don't worry, it's still easy to contact us whenever you need further assistance. #desk #statigram #support

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d_luna1617 1339955123
Shout me out ? #Victor#Cruz ^_^
dimakk 1340047792
shezasphotos 1340148396
When one features an IGer for a tag how do I I get the statigram mark across it. Will tag you to an award I featured @vangelyst for #mycountry9 . I want to make my awards look authentic like this?! Any help is greatly appreciated
commonheritage1801 1340846207
BROKENBRICKZZZ       
parker_the_girl 1342622854
sorry to bother but exactl when will statigram be up and working ? thx and i luv statigram!
gusto1 1343279836
raikaras_madre 1358912638
Soo pretty
caiopuiani 1410368159
 ξ€Ž 
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