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I found these cards with great messages on them, I picked this one today....and it says exactly how I feel! #hardtoreadbutworthit;-)

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Alicia Keys
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franco_______ 1339313385
Sorry Alicia i got love for you, but it sounds like some bull shit to me, everybody is a slave if they ain't living for truth in love.
fabiola_thomas 1339515918
Je voudrais etre amis avec toi.je suis une fan de vous
tarajking 1339574179
The shift is happening. People look beyond what you see and hear. You can feel it. Wake up and be the change you wish to see. It starts with yourself. Thanks Alicia. Love you!!
creatureculture 1339600660
Every day a new creature! @creatures_of_newyork
love4reall 1340132008
nwosey13 1345519211
amcasey90 1346980960
I have these! Lol!
dark_angel_stixz13 1359488310
Hello nd Goodafternoon I'm trying to get in touch with you because my fiancee loves you're music sooo much nd was looking forward to seeing you in concert when you returned and now that you have returned she well be having our child the weekend you are in our area :( it would be greatly appreciated if she can see you anytime that weekend of April 14th please let me know ok thank you Kennysod :-)
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